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With big thanks to the Somnium design team at Scenic Route Games. And a special thanks and acknowledgement to: Ixion XVII for all of his Enderal Gameplay Overhaul (EGO) mods and helpful advice, JDsmith for Enderal - My Way and providing us with the bones of Somnium.

A flock of gulls brays against the clouds and a man stumbles through the streets. He mumbles against the world, his words just incantations of other lives. They strike someone and crash to the cobbles. Panic puts him quickly to his feet. The woman is yelling something about bees, but he hardly hears her. His eyes dart to the shadows where it hides. He can’t see it, but he can feel the scorching oppression of its gaze. It shouldn’t be here. The apartment is not far. The shadows goad him as he flees, their hungry eyes drool into the folds of dead banners and the cracks of brick and stone. His feet find their way home despite his thoughts. He crashes up the stairs and locks himself into the safety of home. Yet even here the chimes can find him. He throws open cupboards, earthenware and glass rain and pool at his feet. There it is. A light at sea. Greedy, shaking fingers bring glass lips to his own, eagerly accepting ambrosia’s kiss. He slumps to the floor. His blood flees through scattered cuts as he becomes whole again.

This is Somnium

If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance that you’ve played or heard of our other project, Librum. While that project focuses on a comprehensive adaption of Tamriel’s northern province into a harsh, survival experience, Somnium seeks instead to provide players with an overhauled and new take on the world of Enderal and Vyn.

Somnium is a thrilling experience that blends elements of horror into the action/adventure of Enderal. The world of Vyn has been re-interpreted to a new age, one where the destructive power of black powder has shown the door to old methods of violence and warfare. One where print has given a new voice to the powerful and the downtrodden. It is a world on the cusp of its own industrial revolution. To this end the atmosphere of the game has been crafted to push the story of a society slowly ripping itself apart. Fear and control, or a loss thereof, are important themes to the story told in Enderal, and this re-imagining of setting allows these to play out in unique ways.

At its heart, Somnium is about the Arcane Fever. The ever-present monkey’s paw to the Prophet’s newfound magical powers. Regardless of your playstyle in Somnium you will build up this fever, and as it builds you will become subjected to increasingly irate anomalies. These may begin simply as a chirp of windchimes, but if it is left to grow the character will slip further and further from a grounded take on their surroundings. The world is ending, but you may lose yourself before that comes.

Credits and Thanks

We couldn’t have accomplished all of this without the team at Scenic Route Games. They have been a huge part of this process, both creatively and in developing the modlist and its associated resources.


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